1. Where can I find VPSC’s COVID-19 policies and procedures?

All of the COVID-19 policies and procedures for the club can be found on the VPSC website, under the COVID-19 Updates tab. 

2. I have a question about VPSC’s COVID-19 policies and/or procedures, who can I contact?

Priscila Walsh is VPSC’s COVID-19 Officer. If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 procedures, please contact Priscilla at  

3. My swimmer is experiencing cold-like symptoms (i.e. sore throat, cough), can they come to practice?

No - You MUST keep your swimmer home if they are feeling ill or if your someone in your household is showing symptoms.  If a swimmer arrives to workout with cold-like symptoms, they will be asked to go home and self-isolate immediately.

4. Can my swimmer come to practice late?

No - Our COVID-19 policy states that swimmers will not be allowed to practice if they miss the check-in time. In cooperation with our facilities, we cannot allow swimmers to enter the water late. 

5. My swimmer has a scheduling conflict, can they swim on a different day with a different group?

No - In past years we have allowed this, but due to our COVID-19 policies that are in place, swimmers must swim with their designated groups.

6. Can my swimmer use the change room after practice? 

No - Swimmers must arrive to practice “swim ready” meaning they are wearing their bathing suit. Swimmers must put clothing over top of their swim suit following the completion of practice. We suggest a parka or bathrobe and easy slip on shoes for after practice.

7. Can my swimmer bring their equipment to the pool?

It depends on the pool that your swimmer is practicing at.

  • UBC - Yes, equipment is allowed
  • St. George’s - Yes, equipment is allowed
  • Lord Byng - Yes, equipment is allowed
  • Kerrisdale - Yes, equipment is allowed

8. My swimmer does not have fins, does the club have a pair for my swimmer?

No - Due to COVID-19, the club is not able to lend fins to swimmers. Swimmers must have their own equipment this year. Fins can be purchased online at Team Aquatics Supplies

9. My swimmer does not know how to put on their swim cap or adjust their goggles. Can the coaches help?

No - Coaches are not able to put swim caps on or help swimmers adjust their goggles.  If a swimmer needs help to put their cap on, we suggest that the parents help put the cap on the swimmer prior to their arrival.

10. Will my swimmer be able to fill up their water bottles once they arrive at practice?

No - Your swimmer should be ready to swim with their water bottle full. 

11. Does my swimmer need to wear a mask to practice?

Yes - masks are mandatory in all common areas at all our VPSC facilities (UBC, St.George’s, Kerrisdale and Lord Byng).

12. What happens if one of the coaches gets sick, will we still have practice?

We have an alternate coach available in the event that one of the coaches is sick. 

13. Will our swimmers have a chance to race this season?

Likely, but not yet - VPSC is bound to SwimBC’s competition policies. SwimBC will not sanction any form of competition until at least October 31st. In addition to this, UBC and St. George’s will not be permitting any competitions at their facilities until January. SwimBC will be distributing a Return to Competition plan to all clubs soon. Once we have received that, VPSC will work with our facilities to host exciting, safe competitions and a competition plan will be made for the club in the new year.

All VPSC swimmers will be taking part in the Black, White & Silver Challenge this fall. Check out all the information here.