​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Sign in to the VPSC website
  2. Click on your login name (upper right corner of the webpage)
  3. Select "My Account" from the drop down menu
  4. Select "Billing"
  5. You will see a list of invoices, each has the date that it was charged to your account 
  6. Click on the invoice you want to review. It will be downloaded to your device
  7. Open the downloaded invoice and you will see the details of the invoice
As long as you have a valid credit card on your profile, invoices will be processed automatically.
You can also pay invoices through Quickbooks. You will be sent a link to pay through Quickbooks if your invoice is more than 7 days overdue. 
Email finance@vancouverpacificswimclub.com if you have updated your credit card information and need the payment re-tried.
  1. Sign in to the VPSC website
  2. Click on your login name (it is in the upper right corner of the webpage)
  3. Select “My Account” from the drop down menu that appears
  4. Select “Payment Methods”
  5. Remove your old credit card
  6. Input your new credit card information
  7. Set your new credit card as the primary payment method

Unfortunately, VPSC is unable to make assessment of family income. However, there are organizations which provides grants for sports and VPSC is able to match the grant (which will apply to the monthly training fees).

Sport Grants for Kids:


SENIOR GROUPS - Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Paddles (Arena Elite Finger Paddles for 15 & Under, Strokemaker paddles for 16 & Over), FINIS Snorkel, Arena Powerfin Pro Fins, Tempo Trainer, Band, Waterbottle, Hockey Puck, and Mesh Equipment Bag.

JUNIOR GROUPS - Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Arena Elite Finger Paddles, FINIS Snorkel, Arena Powerfin Pro Fins, Band, Waterbottle, Theraband, Skipping Rope, Hockey Puck, and Mesh Equipment Bag.

YOUTH & INTRO GROUPS - Kickboard, Small Pull Buoy, Arena Elite Finger Paddles, FINIS Snorkel, Fins, Waterbottle, and Mesh Equipment Bag.

MINI MAKOS GROUPS - Kickboard, Fins, Waterbottle, and Mesh Equipment Bag.

As VPSC is a competitive swim club, it is the expectation that swimmer are attending majority of the swim meets assigned to their group.

You can find the next three month's swim meets on our front page. The full list of meets can be found on our Meet and Events page (sign in required). Click on the name of the meet for specific meet information such as: declaration deadline, who qualifies, location, and the meet package,

Swimmers are expected to attend all the meets assigned to their group. As such, all swimmers will be automatically declared as attending the meet. It is the responsibility of families to decline before the meet deadline if they are unable to attend.

Under Meet and Events, select the specific meet and go to the dec

Under Meets & Events, click “Accept/Decline” on the right side of the specific event you want to decline and select “Declined” then click “Submit”. If you are only wishing to declining from one day of a multi-day meet, please write this under “Declaration notes” and email the Lead coach for your group.

Email the Lead Coach of your swimmers group, please see the Communication Structure.

Any scratched after the scratch deadline, will require a medical note to get a refund.

  1. If your swimmer is unable to attend a meet for a medical reason, please advise the club as soon as possible - preferably before the start date of the meet. 

  1. If the club’s internal ‘decline’ deadline has passed, and if you provided notification prior to the start date of the meet per 1. above or if your swimmer becomes ill during a meet, you will have 14 days to present a doctor’s note confirming your swimmer’s illness, after which you will be charged meet entry fees. Note meet administration fees will not be refunded.

  1. VPSC will do its best to get associated meet costs (i.e. travel, hotel etc.)  refunded, but the outcome will be determined on a case by case basis.

You can find all our policies by clicking HERE.


Please read page 8 and 25-27 in the Registration Package for our process. If there are any addition questions, please contact finance@vancouverpacificswimclub.com

Email officials@vancouverpacificswimclub.com if you need a name badge or have achieved an officiating level and need a pin.

You can find the process of becoming an official by clicking HERE.

By attending and volunteering at VPSC events, VPSC hosted swim meets, or taking on a year-round volunteer position.

Email officials@vancouverpacificswimclub.com for more information on officiating.

You can earn volunteer points by volunteering at VPSC-hosted events and swim meets, as well as completing officiating courses and emodules. Please see the Registration Package (pg 25 - 27) for a list of volunteer positions and points associated with them.

Email officials@vancouverpacificswimclub.com for more information on emodules.

Email finance@vancouverpacificswimclub.com for volunteer point inquiries.