Fundraising Expectations

Our Club needs your help! Fundraising is a key component of our ability at VPSC to provide the best swimming experience for swimmers. Fundraising is key to funding the daily operations and programming of the club. We rely on fundraising initiatives to cover our Club’s expenses, using the money raised to help minimize our swimmer’s training fees. VPSC, as a non-profit organization, relies on and encourages our membership to participate in all of our fundraising campaigns in order to keep the total cost of operating the Club to a minimum.

Pool costs and coaching represent over 85% of the total budget. The club undertakes various fundraising projects such as the Swim-A-Thon event, swim meet sponsorship, swim meet hosting, special clinics, and club events to help cover these costs. 

Corporate Sponsorship

The Fundraising Committee will be campaigning to get a limited number of Corporate sponsors to be listed as community and year-round sponsors. Members are invited and encouraged to assist in identifying and meeting with community members who may have an interest in being a year-round sponsor.